KVCR is a division of the San Bernardino Community College District.

KVCR's Mission Statement
KVCR’s mission is to be the cultural, educational, informational and communication center of the Inland Empire.

KVCR's Vision

"Bringing communities together"-To be a trusted partner with the public.-To provide leadership in the dissemination of information-To encourage dialogue to create an informed citizenry by aggregating resources to further the goals of the community - at large-To be the "go to" media resource center for the Inland Empire.

KVCR Studios

SBCCD Board of Trustees

The SBCCD Board of Trustees is the governing body of KVCR. For a schedule of regular monthly meetings, click here.
More information about the SBCCD Board of Trustees is available here.

KVCR Education Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

Wilfrid "Bill" Lemann

Vice President

Keith Birkfeld


Board Members
Cassie MacDuff
Mary Fran McCluskey
Don Averill
Dr. Albert Karnig
Gloria Macias-Harrison
Ali Sahabi
Janet Weder
Donna Ferracone
Ken Ramirez
John Longville

KVCR Staff

  • General Manager: Keith Birkfeld - kbirkfeld@kvcr.org
  • Senior Accountant: Yendis Battle
  • Marketing Coordinator: Lillian Vasquez
  • Administrative Assistant: Gina Guerrero
  • Project Analyst: Barbara Nichols
  • Development and Member Services: Lindsey Boyd
  • Web Developer - Sean Houlihan
  • Engineering: Robert Rienstra, Don Fertitta
 Empire KVCR TV
  • Program Director: Ben Holland
  • Interim Development & Planning Supervisor: Yvonne Rose Powers
  • Closed Captioning : Tony Bolita
  • Broadcast Operators: Charlie Taylor, Manuel Rosales, Frank Gallegos
  • Traffic Coordinator: Jessica Greenwell
 KVCR 91.9 FM
  • Program Manager: Rick Dulock
  • News Director: Ken Vincent
  • Host / Producer: David Fleming