Inland Pacific Ballet Academy
The Inland Pacific Ballet Academy, located in Montclair, is the premier ballet company in the region, providing training for serious young dancers from as young as 4 years old to 18. With the training they receive at the Academy, the dancers are able to go on to work in the professional dancing, singing, and acting world, even earning scholarships to attend major ballet schools. The Academy puts on full ballet productions throughout the year such as The Nutcracker and the upcoming Cinderella. We visited the Academy to speak to some of the directors of the program, as well as the talented young dancers who train and perform at the Academy.

Menifee's Got Talent
Seven years ago, the city of Menifee wanted to showcase the talents of their community to the public. They have since put on an annual talent show called Menifee's Got Talent, featuring participants of all ages performing in a variety of areas- dancing, singing, music, gymnastics, even magic. We spoke to the people who make the event possible to find out why showcasing the arts is important to the city of Menifee.

Yucaipa Art & Music Festival
The city of Yucaipa hosts the annual Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival. This a 3 day event is held in historical uptown Yucaipa and features seven live bands and over 100 artists. The event offers interactive arts and crafts for the public to participate in, including gold mining and a flower show. With designated areas like the Kid's Zone and the Y-District Teen Zone, the festival is geared towards all ages. We explored what the event had to offer and discovered how much Yucaipa values its artists and the community.

Art Garden
Featured at the Autism Society Inland Empire's 2018 Hero Walk and Resource Fair, the Art Garden is a great way for artists to showcase their talents and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills. Individuals who may have limited verbal skills are able to communicate through art and the opportunity to share their talents can lead to a career in the arts. This year, 1500 people came out to celebrate the artists and we were fortunate enough to be among them.

KVCR Animation:
Animation is an effective and visually stimulating way to tell a story, whether it be for a work of fiction or a news piece. Eric Peck is an animator who turned a beloved hobby into a career. He shares the animation process at KVCR, from developing a concept to sketching out ideas based on a client's needs and then putting all the pieces together. Working closely with a production team, an animator creates visuals and movement where none may exist, enhancing a product to make it come to life. We learned how the collaboration process works and what the team at KVCR does to convey a message through art.

Performance Riverside
Performance Riverside is a non-profit professional theater group in the Inland Empire that has been putting on productions for over 35 years. Based at the Landis Performing Arts Center at Riverside City College, Performance Riverside offers access to valuable instruction in music, dance, and theater. We spoke to some of the people who make the production possible.
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