Our Mission

KVCR’s mission is to be the beacon for cultural and educational media in the Inland Empire that informs and transforms the entire Southland.

What exactly does that mean? It means that at KVCR, we're tired of talk. It's time for action. Its one thing to be an aggregator or a distributor of content. It's another thing to be an originator of it. That's what we want for the Inland Empire. Don't get us wrong. We are proud of our connection with Los Angeles and surrounding counties in Southern California. You can see us in homes all over the Southland, from Bakersfield to Oceanside, from Malibu to Barstow, we have supporters who have been with us for years. However, KVCR's signal proudly transmits from San Bernardino, California. We are proud to represent the Inland Empire. Our goal is to share our diverse culture, storied history, and local traditions with the world!

In the coming months, you're going to see and hear some changes going on at KVCR, but we’re giving you more of what you know and love about public media as well as all the things that you’ve been waiting for!
We’re bringing you a new name, a brand new website, a new digital platform, more exciting new radio content, and a whole new television lineup for our members. On KVCR TV, you’ll find themed programming nights, local sports, performances, feature films, documentaries, and news.


And we are proud to produce content that is truly local! We’re making content in the Inland Empire as a gift to all of Southern California. And what makes this gift so special is that the students and faculty of San Bernardino Valley College, Crafton Hills College, and educational institutions from all over this great region are at the very center of what we do here at KVCR.


In addition to local programming and the national PBS content you know and love, you’ll be finding brand new content from PBS stations from all over the country. Up until now, all this amazing locally produced content has been seen and enjoyed by their local communities. KVCR is going to give them the spotlight they deserve! From our PBS friends in Arizona all the way to Kentucky, you'll be seeing these award-winning series and documentaries in So Cal for the first time ever!


We’ve been listening to our membership and because your opinions matter, we’re bringing back some old favorites and introducing you to some new ones! You wanted new radio content and you'll get it! "Lifestyles with Lillian Vasquez" is going to feature some of the fun and insightful things to see, learn, and do in our area. By popular request, we've brought back the popular national NPR show Fresh Air to our lineup as well!

A much beloved KVCR original program, "I Remember Television", to anchor our block of nostalgia programming on Sunday nights.
We know you love "Masterpiece", so we’re giving you even more amazing International content. We’re proud to introduce the #1 drama in the UK, "EastEnders". Since 1985, this ongoing saga about the men and women of Walford, London has been the pride of Britain. And now you get to see this wonderful program along with other shows from the BBC on Monday nights.

When you tune into channel 24 and listen to 91.9, know that we are working day and night to create a station that is just as bold, diverse, and forward thinking as the people of San Bernardino, Riverside, and the Southland. We're going to be a network for you, made by you.

Welcome to the Empire Network.

Stay tuned,

Keith Birkfeld
General Manager