Step 1: Submission Agreement Form

Your proposal materials must be accompanied by a signed Submission Agreement form and an informational summary sheet. KVCR cannot review a proposal until these forms are on file. A proposal release form will be provided upon request. If you are submitting multiple proposals, please include a signed release form and submission summary for each project.

Step 2: Program Materials / Completed Program

Assemble your materials, sending all relevant information about each project. The following elements are expected:
  • Synopsis - Briefly outline the subject and story of the program or the larger context out of which the story evolved.
  • Treatment - Clearly communicate how the television program will unfold from beginning to end. Include details on story structure, theme, style, format, voice, and point-of-view.
  • Episodic Descriptions - If the project is a series, summarize the content of each planned episode.
  • Project Timetable - Provide a schedule of all phases of production.
  • Key Personnel - Provide detailed biographies or resume information of the key project staff, i.e., producer, director, writer,cinematographer, editor, as well as experts, consultants, and talent.
  • Business Plan - Explain the current status of the project; discuss your plans for completing it; identify potential funding resources; and indicate the approach being taken to secure funding.
  • Budget - Include an itemized list of project costs, i.e., staff salaries, talent, post-production expenses, outreach, insurance, etc.
  • Interactive Elements - If applicable, explain how you plan to enhance your project through a companion website, video-on-demand, or podcasting. Discuss specific elements on the proposed site and provide information on the web production team and budget.
  • Funders / Sponsors - Include an itemized list of any funds received from sponsors and in-kind support raised to date, as well as a list of those sponsors you are planning to contact.
  • Sample Work - If possible, include samples of previous work that best exemplify your production ability and are relevant in style and subject to the current project.
  • Educational Materials - If you are submitting a proposal for a children's program, the materials offered should reflect solid, age-appropriate educational goals, which incorporate the work of educational advisors and/or research to support the program's specific objectives. Program proposals should include plans describing how the educational and entertainment value of the program content will be extended through online, outreach, and print activities.
Completed Program
  • A DVD copy or Digital file on USB will be accepted. DVDs must be in the NTSC format for American players. Make sure that your DVD plays in a consumer DVD player & not solely in laptops or desktop computers. We do not accept PAL DVDs or Blu-ray discs.
  • Synopsis
  • Detailed funding information.
  • Indication of rights available.
  • Interactive elements.
  • List of any problematic content, i.e language, nudity, violence, etc.
  • Any relevant information that will assist us in our review.

Step 3: Mailing / Electronic Submission

You can mail your submission to the following:
  • Attn: Program Submission
  • 701 S. Mt. Vernon Ave
  • San Bernardino, CA 92410

Step 4: Evaluation

Proposals are evaluated on an ongoing basis. They are judged on many criteria, including (but not confined to) the quality of the proposal or completed work, the credentials of the production team, the needs of the schedule, and the financial request to KVCR. All projects for consideration will fall within the process that is described below. Projects that are unique and timely in nature will receive immediate attention, but KVCR will determine, in its sole discretion, which programs and proposals fall into this category.

The submission process begins with an initial review by our program development team. Because the number of proposals we receive varies greatly, we do not have a standard time-frame in place for a response. We are committed, however, to contacting producers about their proposed projects as quickly as possible, usually within 4-6 weeks.

Following the initial review, if a program meets our standards and mission, then it is forwarded to a cross-disciplinary team for consideration. This group then discusses the recommended titles, identifying any outstanding questions and/or materials, and determines which projects should move forward for broadcast and/or funding. Producers are notified shortly thereafter.

During the commissioning round meetings, programs and proposals are approved for broadcast and/or funding, and all final greenlighting decisions are made. Producers are notified shortly thereafter.

We regret that we cannot offer detailed feedback on every project received.

KVCR Code of Editorial Integrity
KVCR, as a Public Television station and affiliate of PBS, is committed to serving the public interest by providing content of the highest quality that enriches the marketplace of ideas, unencumbered by commercial imperative. Throughout PBS’s history, four fundamental principles have guided that commitment.

  • Editorial integrity: PBS content should embrace the highest commitment to excellence, professionalism, intellectual honesty, and transparency. Accuracy is the cornerstone of PBS’s news and informational content.
  • Quality: PBS seeks the highest quality content available. PBS content should be distinguished by professionalism, thoroughness, and a commitment to experimentation and innovation.
  • Diversity: PBS strives to offer a variety of quality content. PBS must be responsive to a diverse public and has a responsibility to explore subjects of significance and the marketplace of ideas.
  • Local station autonomy: Local decision-making ensures topical and relevant content and allows PBS member stations to reflect the communities they serve.

Submitting a Program to KVCR

Below are the steps for submitting a program to KVCR.