Is there anything you’ve seen or heard in the Inland Empire and wondered, “What’s up with that?”

Like, where do local officials stand on warehouse expansion?
Or what happened to Chinatown in Riverside?
Or how fast is the Inland Empire actually growing?

The Inland has got you covered. We’re a public-powered reporting project from The Empire Network. We want to hear your questions, so we can turn them into stories that matter to you.

Here’s how it works:

You ask us questions — big, small, serious, or silly. Each month, *you* vote on what question *we* answer next. Then, we’ll investigate and collaborate with the person who asked the winning question.

So what do you wonder? The Inland is ready to investigate.

What's that Mammoth above the 60 Freeway?

You Asked:

What's the history of the elephant right off the 60 freeway? — Cammie Wendlandt, Riverside.

Part 1: How Rapid Growth in Beaumont is affecting Schools

You Asked:

With all of the people moving to Beaumont, what are the plans to build more schools to keep up? — Mario Gonzalez, Beaumont.

As people move to the IE, how will there be enough water?

You Asked:

With all of the new housing going up and considering we’re in a drought area, how is local government going to provide enough water? – Joyce Paul, Rancho Cucamonga.

Where Your Candidates Stand on Warehouse Growth

You Asked:

What is the breakdown of candidates for office who support and oppose warehouse growth as an economic strategy for the region? — Anonymous listener from Riverside.